Who We Are

Meleti Orient was established to serve high quality product, and value based prices for worldwide customers.

Our operations are grouped in two main segments;

  • Majlis / Oriental Seating groups
  • Herbal Hookah Molasses

Apart from mainly focusing on Majlis / Oriental Seating groups, we also offer A to Z solutions enabling orient atmosphere including wall tapestry, ethnic motiffed tablecloths and many more for your home or commercial space.

We have nation wide partners who sophisticated and have long experience  in manufacturing Majlis  that makes us the best service meet with you.

We offer various quality fabrics and styles in custom size that best meet with your needs.

We combine mystery of the tradition with today’s perfection.

Secondly we supply Herbal Hookah Molasses worldwide in any flavour and packaging options. Private labeling enables you to ensure the highest quality by our standards while you marketing your products with your own brand-name.

Day by day tobacco based hookah products are replaced with plant based molasses which ensure more healthy and pleasure days.

We believe in our culture, tradition and continuously strive to let it be welcomed by all the world.

herbal hookah molasses

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